I don’t like to hear my feelings.

I ripped my diary out of my friends hand. Embarrassed at the words she was reading out loud in the most mocking voice ever. I won’t forget that feeling that encroached upon my soul as it winced in shock that the words that were meant to be private were being said aloud. I actually do not write in my diary consistently. The same way that I don’t appear to be writing consistently in this blog. Yet I find that in stressful, traumatic and difficult situations I love to write things out on paper, because it feels like the weight is … Continue reading I don’t like to hear my feelings.

M.I.A 2.0

So I finished uni and went back to Manchester where I did a lot of partying and thoroughly enjoyed killing a few (closer to half) of my brain and body cells. I’ve (re)realised that I’m very inconsistent with this whole blogging thing … My problem is that I successfully identify problems and how I should fix the problems, but then life gets in the way of things and I forget how I was supposed to be behaving to solve the problem. Surely I’m not the only person that does this? My problem with blogging is that I worry that I … Continue reading M.I.A 2.0


All capitals title to emphasis this isn’t a joke. The context is: I had to write a 12,000 word dissertation and I submitted 7,500 words. Aka I failed, and I fucked up so badly and it is definitely my fault. This is literally the most pathetic blog post ever because I could have done it I was just lazy and it didn’t happen for me. I’m past sad about it, I’m pissed at myself it was such a self sabotage thing I did and I don’t know what happened? Well that’s a lie I know what happened. So anyway I’m … Continue reading MY DISSERTATION DISASTER.

I Went M.I.A For A Bit

Full credit is now given to people who manage to continue blogging alongside uni/school/real jobs, it’s hard to dedicate time to writing and upkeeping a blog when other things get in the way. For me, things have been ok. Final year of university is stressful, my dissertation is due in three weeks and I’ve been avoiding writing it for a while. There are a total of 0 words on the page, I was supposed to send my supervisor a draft of my first chapter today, which isn’t gonna happen…Deadlines are scary.  I’m extending it to Monday (which probably isn’t a … Continue reading I Went M.I.A For A Bit

My Week

Monday… Again. Hello to another week. I often find that I allow how my Monday went to set the tone for the whole week ahead. If I have a good Monday it’s great and I know that I will have a fantastic week. If the Monday’s bad though… then wow I will not be in for a treat. This one was average. I found myself waking up at ten. I consider this late, and over halfway through what I think is my most productive point of the day, not cool. I dillydally around the house,  binge watching series 2 of … Continue reading My Week

My Best Friend The Cheater

So my best friend is the best cheater ever, it’s quite impressive, but it’s also kinda vile. She has done every single angle of cheating. The most recent being: she’s with her girlfriend and has slept with WITH A BOY a few times who she think ‘might be the one’ (again), after spending the past 5 or so years trying to remind and convince everyone she is indeed a lesbian. She’s currently deliberating whether or not to move out of her apartment, break it off with her girlfriend and give it a go with this guy. Oh yeah he has … Continue reading My Best Friend The Cheater

Progressing With Citalopram

This is a useful more general website I found that informs you of the stuff I forgot to ask my GP about when being prescribed citalopram. Namely it gives advice about stuff like taking it and drinking (which you can do. Yay? (Should I be saying yay?)) but obviously in moderation. Also it says to be careful as your tolerance may have altered. http://www.headmeds.org.uk/medications/10-citalopram/sex_drink_and_everything So yeah that’s quite helpful. I dunno if I should be admitting to/saying this but I got drunk on New Years and it was fiiinnneeee. Gotta live a little while we’re here, just remember Excess in … Continue reading Progressing With Citalopram