Progressing With Citalopram

This is a useful more general website I found that informs you of the stuff I forgot to ask my GP about when being prescribed citalopram. Namely it gives advice about stuff like taking it and drinking (which you can do. Yay? (Should I be saying yay?)) but obviously in moderation. Also it says to be careful as your tolerance may have altered. So yeah that’s quite helpful. I dunno if I should be admitting to/saying this but I got drunk on New Years and it was fiiinnneeee. Gotta live a little while we’re here, just remember Excess in … Continue reading Progressing With Citalopram

Trying New Things

What I’m slowly learning and adjusting to is that being happy is not a constant thing. It’s not a a fixed road that you can easily cruise along. In fact, there’s bumps,  A LOT OF BUMPS. However, I’m also slowly learning that being sad also shouldn’t be a constant thing, and it’s not normal either to feel crazy highs and bad lows. What on earth is ‘normal’, how do other people feel inside their heads?! I wish happiness was easy like it was when I was a child. Now I almost have to work to be happy… I thought happiness … Continue reading Trying New Things

Bad Day

I do not want my blog to turn into a negative ventilation for my anger/sadness, but at this specific moment in time I am completely stuck in a rut. On the 18th I have 2 3,500 word essays due in. I have done 500 of one and 1500 ish of the other one. Today I have done NOTHING. This is unacceptable, but my brain is mentally blocking itself from thinking calmly and rationally. Why brain why? Literally I’m in my third year of uni and I desperately need a 2:1 and I’m so concerned that I’m not going to achieve … Continue reading Bad Day

My Positive Experience Of Citalopram (So Far)

On the 23rd December 2016 I finally went to the GP and discussed my feelings of depression. I already exercise regularly, attend counselling sessions at university, eat healthily, have friends, get up and do my day (but I wouldn’t say to my best ability) etc. It’s not like I haven’t tried to do anything about my negative thoughts, it just didn’t seem to be working. So after what was a long time coming I decided I wanted to try anti depressants. Part of my initial reluctance around seeking using anti depressants is because of the fear in my own mind. … Continue reading My Positive Experience Of Citalopram (So Far)