M.I.A 2.0

So I finished uni and went back to Manchester where I did a lot of partying and thoroughly enjoyed killing a few (closer to half) of my brain and body cells. I’ve (re)realised that I’m very inconsistent with this whole blogging thing … My problem is that I successfully identify problems and how I should fix the problems, but then life gets in the way of things and I forget how I was supposed to be behaving to solve the problem. Surely I’m not the only person that does this?

My problem with blogging is that I worry that I don’t post enough (very true), so I set myself targets such as ‘aim to write a weekly blog post’. However, this is far too ambitious a task and when I fail to achieve this, which is very easy I must say, I then proceed to feel rubbish about myself. So I propose that my new target will be a blog post once a month to a high standard. This seems a lot fairer to myself, and then I think when I can consistently achieve this target I will increase it to posting twice a month. I believe it will be a lot easier because the task at hand will be limited, enabling me to feel more positively towards the blog when I can post more consistently, instead of viewing it as another apparent failure.

I think the overall message of this post is that it is very easy to set yourself tasks that are too ambitious to achieve immediately. It only creates the circumstances where you can feel like a failure, and I believe you should never provide the conditions to make yourself feel bad. After all, the world can be good enough at doing that to you by itself. Sometimes its better to set smaller tasks that are achievable over longer periods of time. Maybe that’s why they say patience is a virtue?

P.S if anybody would like to critique my grammar please do! I’m very bad at using commas.


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