My Week

Monday… Again. Hello to another week. I often find that I allow how my Monday went to set the tone for the whole week ahead. If I have a good Monday it’s great and I know that I will have a fantastic week. If the Monday’s bad though… then wow I will not be in for a treat. This one was average. I found myself waking up at ten. I consider this late, and over halfway through what I think is my most productive point of the day, not cool. I dillydally around the house,  binge watching series 2 of Dance Moms (why oh why is it so good) and over eating. Then I drag myself to the gym for the first time since before xmas. 15 mins into it I think I’m ready for my lungs and heart to collapse. I go home and have dinner plans to see a friend who I haven’t seen in almost a year. It was lovely, we nattered on for 3 hours about everything and anything. I think we’re going out Saturday night now, fantastic. I hope I still want to go out then.

Tuesday- Boring day. I basically did nothing- read half a chapter of a book and then went to the gym again. Slightly more successful workout didn’t feel like I was gonna die. Work called- can I cover a shift tomorrow and Sunday. Yes I can, semi early night for once. My head hits the pillow and a ridiculously loud noise coming from outside prevents me from getting a really early night.

Wednesday- Alarm rings, 6.30, why did I agree to work? Get into work 10 minutes early (before 8am), grab a latte from their fancy machine. Then work ring again, ‘There’s been a mistake they double booked’. I could be pissed off, but on the bright side it had forced me to wake up early. So I head to the gym where my workout was significantly easier today. Of course I had lots of reading to do for my dissertation which I avoided doing. I can’t believe I have to head to Reading tomorrow to look at an archive, the joys of being a history undergrad.

Thursday- So I make the hour journey to Reading and it was a disaster. I think I have a type of social anxiety, which is weird because I probably think you wouldn’t expect this if you met me. I hate that I feel like I have to justify this in case people don’t believe me (often the case with people suffering some sort of mental trouble).

Back to the real point of my day- I freaked out while at this museum. I bounced in acting the jovial version of myself, only to be met by a dude sitting at the desk with ZERO PEOPLE SKILLS. I get you work at a museum and you’re probably super smart on paper, but your job does require some interaction with people, but I don’t think you understood a small aspect of the job description. I didn’t really know what to expect, and was explaining my dissertation thoughts to him and this guy literally stared at me as if I had ordered him to take me to Mars with a side dish of some serious side eye. Basically I majorly got shut down and then I felt like I wouldn’t be able to approach him again.  I’ve not felt this out of place in a while and I was in a room surrounded with older people and this guy made me feel stupid. He literally responded with ‘ok’ and then told me to use the lockers. I’m internally freaking out at this point overthinking this tiny interaction, beginning to frantically text my Dad who’s also being useless. I finally forced myself back into the room, freaked out after approximately three minutes and then ran back out of that room and the whole place. Maybe I freaked out over nothing. I’m forcing myself to go back next week and that will have to be more productive. I think part of my problem is I focus on people and analyse their speech/body language/tone of voice etc and then I make negative assumptions and get overly stressed about tiny interactions. I’m doing a course in a few weeks to help me understand this issue better. But anyway that prevented me having a successful day.

Thankfully, Thursday wasn’t all bad my Nonna has arrived from Italy, my sibling is home for the weekend and I had a productive gym session.

Friday- Work ring me at 8.15, can I cover a shift? Absolutely not. Back to bed for another 20 minutes, then I go downstairs and have a long chat with my Nonna. Then it’s another productive gym session completed. I really should do some reading for Uni, but also wanna binge watch Dance Mom… Nothing particularly exciting happens today.

Saturday- I am the queen chauffeur today taking my sister to various ballet classes. I visited old family friends in between class 1, he’s got Parkinson’s a very tragic disease and his wife is blind in one eye. It’s nice to see them when I can and am home from university. While I waited for my sister’s ballet class I went to Franco Manca with my Nonna and sibling (rate the pizza there so much).

Then I came home for a quick turnaround for a rare night out in London. Haven’t lost my motivation to go out for once so it’s Mahiki for my friend’s birthday and then a trip to Toy Room if we get bored of Mahiki!

Sunday- Oh my lord I woke up very much still drunk having had about 4 hours sleep. It gets worse, I had to work and I had to get my Dad to drive me because I was definitely still over the limit. Mahiki was ok, we didn’t stay very long I felt a bit like I was at a wedding. Very 70s-80s music which although I enjoy, it wasn’t what I wanted for this night out. Then onto Toy Room, much younger crowd and very fun. Although it must be said Mayfair door policies are ridiculously inconsistent and mean/degrading. The couple standing in front of us didn’t get in yet we were welcomed straight inside. I also forgot how uncomfortable heels are my legs were literally wobbling it was that bad!! Then I got an uber home and spilled noodles all over the car, he was not happy…. but he also loved me because we got into the deepest chat about the Middle East. My uni module was useful for something lol.

I wanted to write this weekly reflection because it’s actually been quite therapeutic writing a short reflection at the end of my day. When you think about it there is so much that goes into a day. Some of the time it’s so normal that you forget how much stuff actually happens because you get caught up in the big dramatic events and miss the normal stuff. It’s quite nice to look at a whole overview and see that I did in fact achieve things, however minor they may seem. I’ve also noticed that I’ve been an a class procrastinator with regards to my uni work.

So my conclusion is that my goals for the next week are:

  • Actually get uni shit done. Force myself to re read dissertation stuff. Hooray.
  • Go to the archive properly. Force myself in there
  • Limit procrastination
  • Go to the gym at least 5 times
  • Be more thankful and appreciative of the little things.

Do you write a diary or set weekly goals?





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