My Best Friend The Cheater

So my best friend is the best cheater ever, it’s quite impressive, but it’s also kinda vile. She has done every single angle of cheating. The most recent being: she’s with her girlfriend and has slept with WITH A BOY a few times who she think ‘might be the one’ (again), after spending the past 5 or so years trying to remind and convince everyone she is indeed a lesbian. She’s currently deliberating whether or not to move out of her apartment, break it off with her girlfriend and give it a go with this guy. Oh yeah he has a girlfriend as well, doesn’t get more interesting than that.. Where are the directors yelling cut in this soap opera??

Anyway, I got the message the other day saying she really needed to talk, and I know her too well that I knew this was coming. She’s done this to her past three girlfriends, in fact, come to think of it she got with her current girlfriend before she’d finished with her last girlfriend.

It got me thinking she does this every single time, it’s the same thing over and over. The weirdest part is she doesn’t seem to understand that she hurts so many people in this cheating process, yet she kinda feels no remorse. I literally don’t understand what goes through her head.

So now I’m sitting here deliberating about all the people I know who have cheated, and even my best friend who is definitely not a bad person, for some reason is the biggest player ever. The amount of people I know who have cheated/been cheated on is actually appalling. Where have the nice considerate people gone? What the hell happened to people’s minds to make them think going up to someone, when they’re with someone else, and saying ‘I want to have sex with you so badly’ is acceptable?

My biggest questions for her though is how can you be happy cheating, which then ironically makes you the most paranoid person ever when it comes to the contemplation that your partner could be cheating. I think I’m finally gonna give her a bit of a well deserved reality check.

I do kinda wanna meet this ‘other boy’ though… but at the same time they can’t seriously think they’ll be able to have a long term relationship under the current circumstances.

Lots of love


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