Progressing With Citalopram

This is a useful more general website I found that informs you of the stuff I forgot to ask my GP about when being prescribed citalopram. Namely it gives advice about stuff like taking it and drinking (which you can do. Yay? (Should I be saying yay?)) but obviously in moderation. Also it says to be careful as your tolerance may have altered.

So yeah that’s quite helpful. I dunno if I should be admitting to/saying this but I got drunk on New Years and it was fiiinnneeee. Gotta live a little while we’re here, just remember Excess in moderation is key.

So, moving swiftly on,  I’ve hit the 3 week mark with my medication and I have not had any of the horrible side effects people write about extensively. The only thing I have noticed is that my sleeping pattern has changed and I’m finding it quite difficult to fall asleep. I used to place my head on the pillow and be out within seconds, now it takes me a solid hour/hour and a half to fall asleep even if I’m exhausted. This has resulted in a shift in my body clock- which is a bit irritating because I’m a self confessed lark as opposed to an owl. Adjusting to this has been quite annoying because I find it more difficult to work at night and it will be annoying as next semester I have early morning starts.

Not gonna lie though, I have been having the most vivid, wacky, colourful dreams ever which bizzarely I am thoroughly enjoying! If this happens to you I would not advise watching any gory/bloody films right before bed time as the dreams might get gory/bloody too. I watched Saving Private Ryan, absolutely brilliant, watch it if you haven’t; but my dream afterwards was slightly disturbing…

Anyway, my family and my therapist all say that I am sounding and acting like a different person, and I feel like an improved person too. Another negative thought though is I’ve still had what I consider bad days where I feel like a lazy lump of worthless crap. However, this is not my everyday anymore.

I think I’ve been lucky that this appears to be working on the first attempt and hopefully it continues improving for now. I wish I had not scared myself by reading so many negative views as if I had sought help sooner it might have been easier so much longer ago. Then again I never consider myself depressed too often because I can and do have extremely wonderful days. It is not a constant for me at all I have the best days/times and the worst as well, but I think with the medication I may well be able to have more good days.

My point is that things affect people differently, so it’s important to try and see what works best for you. I personally regret scaring myself with all the negative reviews and wish I tried stuff out sooner. You don’t know what the effects of something is like until you try it for yourself.  It’s important to remember that different things work for different people, and one person’s view on one type of thing may be different to another person. Most importantly though do not avoid seeking help or think you are not worthy of seeking treatment. Everyone deserves help if they want and require it!


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