Trying New Things

What I’m slowly learning and adjusting to is that being happy is not a constant thing. It’s not a a fixed road that you can easily cruise along. In fact, there’s bumps,  A LOT OF BUMPS. However, I’m also slowly learning that being sad also shouldn’t be a constant thing, and it’s not normal either to feel crazy highs and bad lows. What on earth is ‘normal’, how do other people feel inside their heads?!

I wish happiness was easy like it was when I was a child. Now I almost have to work to be happy… I thought happiness was supposed to come naturally? Change doesn’t happen over night and it’s ok for things to take a while. It’s ok to take a while to be motivated and it’s ok to take your time to heal. I’m learning that as long as you decide and commit to make a change it’s fine.

Short and sweet, and a post supposed to be about trying new things and not quite ending up that way…

Peace out x


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